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First...the Dark Side of the National Park Service


Submitting a FOIA
Request for Information
and a
Questionable Appeals Decision


Intimidation, Collusion, Misrepresentations
and an
Investigation at Mesa Verde NP
by the
Dept of Interior's
Office of Inspector General


Retaliation and Intimidation, and

Filing a Whistleblower Protection Act Complaint

A very long, inefficient, and biased process
BUT after 1028 days a
"Settlement Agreement" was signed!!

Filing Complaints with the OIG
for its Failure to Investigate and Recommend Disciplinary Action in Whistleblower Cases

And now.....the Good and Wonderful Side of the National Park Service and Retirement!

Winter and Summer of 2016

 Jekyll 1
(Jekyll Island)


We were "snow-birds"---leaving early in January and coming home in April


Besides a lot of time at Lake Owassa,
we worked for three weeks
as "tour guides" for college-alumni trips
to and through Denali National Park in Alaska

Denali 2016
(Denali 2016)

Summers 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015

Big Cypress Sunset1


During 2012 we stayed home in NJ, continued our Whistleblower case, and caught up on several years of neglected maintenence at our lakehouse in northern New Jersey.

During 2013, the federal budget was being "sequestered", there weren't too many seasonal jobs available, and we spent many days babysitting for our first grandson and enjoying another summer at the lakehouse.

During 2015, we spent most of the summer at the lake house--spending a lot of time with Myles, Becky and Bola, and Brian, and with "Camp Owassa"
(see pictures)


Working as Park Rangers again at Yellowstone National Park

Upper Geyser Basin

Winters 2012, 2013, and 2014

Big Cypress Sunset1

Bruce and Sara's
Volunteering at
Big Cypress National Preserve

(Winter 2012)

VIERS Volunteering at VIERS
located in the
Virgin Islands NP
February-March, 2013
Milford Sound Camping
New Zealand

BS&SS at Ellis

Sara and Bruce
Park Guides at
The Statue of Libety
and Ellis Island
Summer 2010

BS&SS at STLI and ElIS: Liberty State Park

Sara and Bruce:
A Second Season at
The Statue of Libety & Ellis Island
and Some Recommendations
Summer 2011

Ellis Island Drawing

Information and Resources
for Teachers

Information for Teachers
about Ellis Island
(A Different Format)

Mesa Verde

Bruce and Sara
Park Rangers
at Mesa Verde NP in 2009

Our Little White House
Looking North

and a
FOIA Request

A Hilton Head Island Sunset


Bruce and Sara
Volunteers at SAM Shortline
and a Trip to Alaska--2008

Our Travels in 2008

Mesa Verde


Bruce and Sara
Park Rangers
at Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde
Cliff Palace

Bruce and Sara as Rangers


Bruce and Sara
Park Rangers
at Cape Hattteras
National Seashore

Other Schundler Enterprises, Bloggers, Semesters Abroad, and Sites


Andrew's Vimeo WebSite

Andrew Schundler's ASchundler Films

For Andrew Schundler's
Video and Short Films

Russ's Photo-GRAPHICS Website

Russell Schundler's
Photo-GRAPHICS Website

Schundler Photo-GRAPHICS

Schundler Bloggers

Brian Schundler's Hike on the Appalachian Trail...2000

Michael Schundler's

Understanding the Health Care System
in order to improve it.

Andrew Schundler's

The Odyssey of Andrew
(at Biola University)

Notes from Bethany's Class

Bethany Schundler's

Life of a First Year Teacher
(5th Grade)

Semesters Abroad, Internships, and Honeymoons Abroad

Hannah's Semester
in Costa Rica...2010

Hannah in CR

Bethany's Semester
in Argentina...2012

Bot in Argintina

Greg's Semester
in Kenya...2006


Liz's Internship
in Chile...

Rob and Shana's Blog about their Honeymoon and Trip to India---2011

This link starts at a point in the middle of their trip---but once you are there...
you can go forward and back and see all their amazing pictures and read about their many adventures!

If you want information about Rebecca and Bola's Wedding
Click here--- Rebecca and Bola's Wedding
(Contains announcements, directions, gift registrations, etc).

For pictures ..... (like some pictures
and some occasional family news go to.....
Current Family Events

Jack Schundler
Jack Henry Schundler
April 14, 2012
Rebecca and Bola
Rebecca and Bola
January 1, 2011
Myles at 1 Year
Myles Hudson Pratt
November 27, 2012
Robbie and Shana
Robbie and Shana
July 30, 2011

If you want to read about Bret Schundler Former Mayor of Jersey City

horticultural flowers
If you want to read about or contact
The Schundler Company,
or read about the recent sale of The Schundler Company
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"Do all the good you can...
In all the ways you can...
To all the people you can...
Just as long as you can!"

(A Jamaican teaching shared with Bruce Schundler by Henry McDonald, the midnight foreman of The Schundler Company.)

Some people have heard about our cousins Bill and Carol Atwood, and Atwoods Violins.
Carol is our cousin, and Bill is an energy particle physicist who makes violins!

To access this site, click here............ Atwoods Violins

Or, why not read Bill's article on... "A Physicist in the World of Violins" ... which was in
Beam Line (Summer 1998, Vol. 28, No. 2 ) a publication of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.

Or, Read about Bill's latest project: NASA's Fermi Project
"The People Involved in NASA's Fermi Project"

Bill Atwood at work

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