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The Brothers 2019
The Brothers November 30, 2019

The Siblings (without Mike)
The Siblings (without Mike)
The Siblings (without Mike in 2018)
The Siblings--Still Kicking (without Mike)

Wendy and Isaac
Wendy and Isaac...March 9, 2019

Myles Hudson Pratt
Myles Hudson Pratt---November 27, 2012

Robbie and Shana
Robbie and Shana--July 30, 2011

Rebecca and Bola
Rebecca and Bola
Bola and Rebecca's Wedding
Bola and Rebecca's Wedding
January 1, 2011
Rebecca and Bola
Rebecca and Bola

Jennifer and Josh
Jennifer and Josh
Jennifer and Josh's Wedding
Jennifer and Josh's Wedding
Aug. 3, 2008

Dario Gale
Dario Gale born July 16, 2010
Kurt Johan
Kurt Johan Cederqvist born November 7, 2009

Bret's Fiftieth Birthday Party
Scott and Keri's Exchange of Rings
Scot and Keri's Wedding October 18, 2008
William Clark Schundler (born August 18,2008)
William and Rusty
Kim and Robbie
Kim and Robbie

Brian and Evelyne in Lingen
Brian and Evelyne visiting Lingen
Owen Schundler--Day 3
Trudy and Christian's Owen--Day 3
Born November 20, 2007

California Service 2007
The Family in California with Memories of Aunt Beth

Thomas and Katherine

Thomas and his new sister, Katherine Rausch
Lauren and Katherine

Lauren and baby Katherine

The Ottersons 2007
The Ottersons 2007 (in Antarctica)

Mike and Dar's House

Mike and Dar's New House
Bruce and Sara's House

Bruce and Sara's New Townhouse

Ellie Schundler
Russ and Eloise
Russ and Trudy
Special Events in 2006 at the Russ Schundlers
Ellie Parks Schundler was born (parents Rusty and Laura) and Trudy was married!!

Kelly and Admir's Wedding
August 19, 2006

Kelly and Admir
August 19, 2006