Failures of the Office of Inspector General
Department of the Interior
Filing Complaints with the Office of the Inspector General
related to its failure to investigate, adjudicate, and recommend disciplinary action in Whistleblower cases

One of our primary concerns and complaints is that the Department of Interior and other agencies of the federal government are not doing enough to discipline and punish those who violate laws like the Whistleblower Protection Act (and the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act). And supervisors who retaliate and commit "prohibited personnel practices" almost never suffer disciplinary action. Consequently, I began contacting the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Interior to file my concerns.

In the following letters, you can see that the Acting Inspector General (who actually is the Deputy Inspector General) never answered my concerns, continually avoided my primary questions, and never responded directly to the issue of the punishment and discipline of those who practice illegal and inappropriate retaliation and reprisal.

JANUARY 14, 2013---Because the DOI and NPS had been so unwilling to enforce the WPA or follow several guidelines of the OPM, I wrote the following Letter to the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Interior concerning DOI Violations. In sum, this is a formal "disclosure" and complaint which I also sent to the Office of the Attorney General alleging that the DOI is not enforcing the WPA and the No Fear Act and not following guidelines of the OPM as they pertain to disciplining violators of the WPA and protecting victims of retaliation.

FEBRUARY 27, 2013---Mary Kendall, the Deputy (and Acting) Inspector General of the DOI responds to my letter of January 14, 2014. Actually, she wrote me a letter, but didn't respond to any of my primary concerns and complaints.

AUGUST 13, 2013--- Bruce's Response to the OIG's Letter of 2-27-13. In this letter, I sumarize a number of federal laws and regulations which mandate disciplinary action in cases of retaliation, and restate my concern that the IG's office isn't investigating retaliation cases as often as they should and not recommending disciplinary action for those who rataliate against Whistleblowers.

AUGUST 27, 2013---Mary Kendall responds to my letter of August 13, 2013. Once again, she writes a letter, but doesn't respond to my basic concerns and complaint.

MAY 9, 2015---Bruce writes the OIG and Mary Kendall again about its lack of response to Whistleblower cases and its failure to investigate wrong-doing and recommend disciplinary action for those guilty of retaliating against Whistleblowers.

JUNE 8, 2015---Mary Kendall responds to my letter of May 9, 2015. And once again, she says nothing, avoids the basic issue, and never responds to my basic concerns---namely the failure of the Inspector General's Office to investiagate Whistleblower cases and to recommend disciplinary action, and the Department of Interior's failure to discipline guilty employees.

July 8, 2015---Bruce writes the OIG and Mary Kendall again...restating his concerns, reminding her that she has never responded to his primary concerns and complaints, and expanding on his formal complaint that Laurie Larson-Jackson is not doing her job.

This last letter I also sent Sally Jewell, the Secretary of the Department of Interior, and to the Office of Government Ethics. I've sent Sally Jewell's office copies in the past....but unfortunatley, no one has ever responded.

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