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Bruce and Sara as National Park Rangers at
Mesa Verde National Park---2009

As many of our friends and family know, we worked again this past summer (2009) as National Park Rangers (Interpretation) at Mesa Verde National Park.

Several things were different this year....not least of which was that we lived in the park, in park housing. Consequently, for most of the summer we were out of touch and "off the grid." We had only limited internet access, virtually no television reception, and only occasional updates on what was happening in the "real" world.

It also was different because we more or less knew a lot of the basic information and could spend more time devling deeper into the culture and history of Mesa Verde. And that was both fun and challenging!

We lived in what is called the White House Loop. The White House Loop is a group of 18 homes built in the 1930's by the CCC camps. Because we were "returning" Rangers, we led evening programs and campfire programs, and generally we had different and much less predicatable schedules than we had had two years ago. And so living "on the mesa" and "in the park" worked out very well.

We are still catching up on some of the things that weren't done while we were gone....so these pages are just the beginning. Hopefully in a few weeks, we can add to them and give everyone more insights into what our summer was like.

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Working at Mesa Verde National Park
Typical Daily Work Schedules
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Typical Two Week Position Assignments
Mesa Verde and the Freedom of Information Act
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Some Additional Articles and Commentaries
The National Park Rangers at MVNP in 2009

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