Bruce and Sara as National Park Rangers at
Mesa Verde National Park

Some Final Thoughts After a Wonderful Summer

On October 13th, our season was over and we had to return our badges, keys, and fanny packs!

Altogether there were 33 seasonal Rangers at Mesa Verde during the summer. Approximately a third left after Labor Day, another third left with us on October 13th, and the last group was scheduled to leave on November 3rd. And as Rangers leave, different parts of the Park begin to close down and some of the sites start operating on different schedules. And eventually after November 3rd there are only three Rangers who will stay for the winter to keep the museum desk open and to conduct limited tours of Spruce Tree House.

Because our last day was a Saturday, no one from Headquarters was around and no one from the Interpretation office was around; and so the ten Rangers who were leaving that day were told just to leave our badges and keys and fanny packs in our supervisorís office...and leave.

Needless to say, it was a little strange having worked for five months somewhere, and then just leaving!

Nevertheless, on Sunday, October 14th, we left the campground at Mesa Verde National Park (where we had moved for the last month), and started our journey home.

Cliff Palace in the late afternon
Cliff Palace in the late afternoon
Cliff Palace is always spectacular....and in the late afternoon, it was at its best!

As you can see, we had lots of fun, but the summer was over and so we headed back home after five wonderful months in colorado working at Mesa Verde National Park.

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