views from Knife Edge Trail views from Knife Edge Trail

Bruce and Sara as National Park Rangers at
Mesa Verde National Park

Hikes, Day-Trips, and Weekend Explorations

We love working as seasonal Park Rangers! And part of the fun is having "weekends" free to explore different parts of the country, and having time to explore new sights and visit new places. And here are some pictures of a few of those new experiences.

Of course, as part of our "job" we hiked a number of trails in the park. For instance, there's the Knife Edge Trail from where we took the first two pictures on this page (above) and this turkey.
A typical MV turkey
A typical Mesa Verde turkey!
flowers along the trail
Typical flowers along the Knife Edge trail

Another trail here in the park is the Petroglyph Trail which at first we took so we could see the petroglphs at the end of the trail. Very quickly, however, we realized the trail was far more....with outlooks and views that were beautiful!

a tradtional keve
Views from along the Petroglyph Trail
Tradtional Petroglphs
Views from along the Petroglyph Trail

And, of course, there's the petroglyphs!

Petroglph Wall
Traditional Petroglyphs
Traditional Petroglyphs

Besides hikes within the park, we've also ventured out to see other sights---for instance, a day around the local San Juan mountains which took us through Silverton, Ouray, Telluride and back along the Dolores Creek and River.

The San Juan Mountains
Some of the San Juan Mountains
The San Jaun Mountains
More of the San Juan Mountains

The Durango-Silverton train
The Durango-Silverton train getting ready to leave
The Durango-Silverton trians
The trains in Silverton

The Silverton Jail
The jail in Silverton where Becky and Brian once spent a few minutes

The San Juan Mountains
Some of the San Juan Mountains on the way back
The San Jaun Mountains
More of the San Juan Mountains

We've also enjoyed visiting places like the Crow Canyon Archeological Center and the Anasazi Heritage Center, along with some of the many archeological sites in the area where excavations continue!

Dentrochronology Studies
Archeologist digging up an ancient burned kiva so they can use
detrochronology to determine when it was built.
Work in a Mitten
Another archeologist working in a midden (gargage pile)
left over from hundreds of years ago.

When we began this adventure of working as Park Rangers, our hope was to see and experience different parts of the country. And by living in an area for several months and by talking to many people who live here, and by spending as much time as possible "exploring", we are doing that! And it's been fun!

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