Bruce and Sara as National Park Rangers at
Cape Hatteras National Seashore

April 12-13, 2006

Our Georgie Boy Pursuit finally arrived on March 31, 2006. On December 1, 2005 we had ordered it and we had expected it would arrive sometime in late January. Late January turned into February, and then into late March. But finally it arrived, and we had a few days to pack up and move in.

What was fun was trying to decide what we needed for six months. What do you pack when you wear a uniform every day and only need "play clothes"? And with limited space, how do you decide how many "just in case" kind of things you can pack?

Eventually every we thought we needed was packed, and off we left.We stopped once at Old Turnpike School to wave good bye to Roberta and Shana at the municipal building, to check all our cables and connections, and to make sure our car was still behind us; and then off we went. Having never driven a motor home before (other than to drive it home), it was a little nerve wracking. And perhaps the worse moments were on the second day as we went through the two tunnels of the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge. With maybe three inches on one side and big 18-wheelers giving us at least an inch on the other, there were moments when we just closed our eyes and hoped for the best.

Fortunately, we made it to Cape Hatteras, found the Cape Woods Campground without problem, and slowly set up.

Our HomeEaster Sunrise
Our Home At Cape Woods Campground
And here we are---our home until October!
Cape Woods Campground
The Campground at Cape Woods Campground

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