Brian's Hike on the Appalachian Trail
(Finally Finished)

February 20, 2000 until July 31, 2000

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(Email from Bruce and Sara About Brian's Final Hike Up Mt. Katahdin on July 31, 2000)

On a surprisingly beautiful, clear and sunny day last Monday, Brian climbed up Mt. Katahdin and finished his 2200 mile journey and experience on the Appalachian Trail! Yea!!

Sara and I drove up on Saturday (July 29th), and on Sunday we happened to spot him at the only possible stop between the so-called 100-mile wilderness just before Baxter State Park (100 miles of no roads, phones, stores, or people other than hikers) and the park itself. Then on Monday morning we all started the infamous 5.2 mile long climb to the top (which goes up approximately 4100 feet up). Sara and I started at 6:30 AM and Brian a little later (he had to hike from where he was camped to the trailhead---and he had to give us a big head-start!)

At around 10:30 he got to the top (only 30 to 45 minutes before us), and then we celebrated with a bottle of Katahdin beer, lots of hugs and pictures, and a gradual descent down.

For those who have hiked Katahdin, you can imagine how we felt (very, very sore; very, very stiff; and very, very excited!!) . And for those who haven't, it's an experience you have to try some day---almost a straight vertical climb up with amazing views and panoramas greeting you at the top.

For Brian, it was the final moment of knowing he had done it, he was a thru-hiker who now was through. He had achieved his dream, and had a journal of memories and a head full of images which will last him a lifetime.

We'll get the last few journal sections done soon (Brian still has to complete the last page), but for now, it's nice to know he did it, he's home, and we know where he'll be tonight!

Bruce and Sara

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