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Distance Learning: "A Distant Shore":

This distance learning opportunity for students (grades 4 - 5) enables students and teachers to visit Ellis Island without leaving the classroom. During a virtual visit, students will work with a National Park Service ranger, learning about our nation's immigration history from the very building that served as the nation's first and largest federal immigration station between 1892 and 1954 .where 12 million people were processed.

Through the use of video conferencing technology, participants will get to see primary documents and medical instruments like those used for immigrant inspection. Historical video components which describe the immigrant experience and processing at Ellis Island can be included in the program. And perhaps most importantly, students will have an opportunity to talk with a National Park Service Ranger "face-to-face."

This program is free of charge, but requires that the class has access to video conferencing equipment such as a Tandberg or Polycom video conferencing unit (Skype is not a connection option). A test call needs to take place several days before the scheduled connection so there is enough time to properly determine and work around connection issues, if any. Due to some school district's network security configuration, the National Park Service may launch the call connection; this will be determined by the outcome of the test call.

You may download the A Distant Shore Teacher's Guide anytime. The program is offered September-March at both 10a.m., and 1p.m., and April-July at 1p.m.

Note: For more information and program availabilty, call (212) 363-3206 ext. 178 or email us at STLI_Education_Department@ nps.gov.

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