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Information about our "Traveling Trunk's Program:
"Park in a Pack"

Information about our Traveling Trunkís program: "Park in a Pack"

This Traveling Education Kit is designed to encourage appreciation and awareness of the wonderful world of the National Parks---a combination of almost 400 national parks, monuments, battlefields, national seashores and historic sites across the country. Designed for use by teachers and in classrooms, our traveling kit specifically includes activities that include the National Park Service, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and immigration. Included in the kit are videos, a teacherís guide and various student activities for classroom and independent study.

Our program is appropriate for grades 4 through 8; and through the curriculum based activities, students will take part in classroom discussions, role playing, and independent research.

The "Park in a Pack" is available "on loan" and is free of charge---except for return postage---and it is loaned for three week periods. A security deposit is required to obtain the kit.

You may contact our Education Department for more information about the kits at (212)-363-3206 x 178. Or you can download an application for the program (click here for the "Park in a Pack" loan form and fax the completed application form to 212-363-6304 or email it to: stli_education_department@nps.gov

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