Ellis Island

Ellis Island National Monument
Information and Resources for Teachers

(While working at Ellis Island during the summers of 2010 and 2011, Bruce was involved in developing new pages and a new format for parts of the Ellis Island website---specifically the "For Teachers" section. This page was one of his first "trial balloons"....but it started to be used so often that we've kept this and another version of this page on our website. For the new and improved "For Teachers" section of the Ellis Island website, go to Ellis Island: For Teachers)

The Division of Interpretation, Education, and Visitor Services has developed a number of educational resources and programs for teachers. Some are designed for those anticipating and planning a trip to Ellis Island, some for teachers who want to explore video conferencing options like "Distance Learning Opportunities" or activities like the "Traveling Trunks" option, and some for those trying to develop their own programs through a variety of downloadable resources. Please feel free to explore all of these resources and programs, and call us at 212-363-3200 ext. 178, or email us at stli_education_department@nps.gov, if you have any questions or need any suggestions!