North Island
Milford Sound
Our travels on South Island

Bruce and Sara
Camping and Traveling
Throughout New Zealand
January-February 2014

Since the early 1970's, Sara and I have been dreaming about visiting New Zealand, e.g. it was number one on our "Bucket's List." And so we decided it was time to go.

Essentially, we rented a camper van and traveled throughout the North and South Islands...seeing msot of what we wanted to see and not missing much! Without a lot of commentary, here are some of our favorite pictures:

Our Camper and Mt. Cook

Pea Beach
Mt Cook

Franz Josef Glacier and Hidden Valley

Franz Josef 1
Hidden Valley

New Chums Beach and Haniana Harbor

New Chums Beach
Hakiana Harbor

Pea Beach and New Zealand Coast

Pea Beach
New Zealand Coast

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